Shipping container sheds

Shipping container sheds are a popular and innovative way to repurpose shippingcontainer for storage or shelter purposes. Here are some key points to consider when using shipping containers to build sheds:

  1. Durability: Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Also, during transportation, making them highly durable and weather-resistant, which is ideal for outdoor storage.
  2. Cost-effective: Using shipping containers as sheds can be a cost-effective solution comparable to traditional building materials. They are readily available and are repurpose at a lower cost.
  3. Customization: Shipping containers can be modify to suit specific needs, such as adding windows, doors, insulation. Electrical wiring to create a functional and comfortable space.

Shipping container sheds

Mobility: Shipping containersheds can be easy transport and relocate if need be, providing flexibility for temporary or permanent storage solutions.Eco-friendly: Repurposing shipping containers for sheds is a sustainable practice that reduces waste and contributes to environmental conservation. Local building regulations, and any necessary modifications to ensure the structure meets your needs effectively.

Specifications of Shipping container sheds

Shipping containersheds come in various sizes, typically ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet in length and 8 feet to 9.5 feet in height. The standard width is 8 feet. Here are some general specifications for shipping container sheds:

  1. Material: Made from durable corten steel, which is resistant to corrosion and weathering.
  2. Structure: Typically feature a solid, weatherproof structure with reinforced corners and walls.
  3. Doors: Equipped with large double doors for easy access to the interior space.
  4. Ventilation: we fit containers with ventilation systems to ensure proper air circulation.

Shipping container sheds

  1. Customization: Containers are customizable with windows, shelving, lighting, and other features to suit specific storage needs.
  2. Mobility: Designed for easy transportation and relocation using cranes, trucks, or other heavy equipment.
  3. Insulation: We insulate to regulate temperature and protect stored items from extreme weather conditions.

These specifications may vary depending on the specific manufacturer and the intended use of the shippingcontainer shed.

Sheds are the ultimate storage accessory. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor space to house equipment on your jobsite or you’re in need of a commercial storage space with room to repair equipment and work on machinery. Sheds offer a versatile, functional area just steps from your work area.

But how do you determine the right shed for your needs? In today’s shed market, prefabricated wood and plastic models reign supreme, but allow us to introduce another option : converting a shipping container into a storage shed.

What Can You Store in a Storage Container Shed?

Mobile Mini sources shipping container sheds that are versatile and flexible enough to tackle any and all of your commercial storage needs. While our customers use these containers for various purposes, some of the more common items you’ll find inside include:

  • Construction supplies 
  • Weather-sensitive items such as wood, stone, and brick 
  • High-value parts and supplies 
  • Excess retail inventory 
  • Small machinery 
  • Documents, records, and paperwork
  • Sporting equipment 
  • Educational materials 
  • Computers and tech

One of the greatest benefits of our shipping container storage sheds is that they work for any and all industries. With their versatility and portability, these sheds are often used in:

  • Agriculture 
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Construction 
  • Education 
  • Finance 
  • Healthcare 
  • Hospitality
  • Retail 

Whether you’re planning on using your shipping container storage shed to house documents, construction equipment, or medical supplies, these units give you the organization and security you need to keep your valuable items safe and sound 24/7/365.

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