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    10 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

    At McCormick Containers, through our modifications workshop we convert 20 foot containers into 10 footers. The 10 foot shipping containers are ideal if you are a bit limited with space.

    You will have the option of having standard doors, or a roller door installed as well as being able to pick the colour.

    Buy 20 Foot Shipping Containers 

    20 Foot Shipping Containers for sale  are the most widely used throughout the country. These containers provide plenty of space, and are reasonably easy to move around. We have these containers available in both new and used conditions at all times. Get in touch today for an obligation free quote.

    40 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

    The 40 Foot Shipping containers are the largest of the standard sized shipping containers. These containers are great if you are in need of some serious storage space.

    Be sure to talk to our team about space requirements prior to ordering one of these, these will require a large amount of space to ensure a safe and smooth delivery.

    Used shipping containers are our most popular containers. Generally, these containers will have carried freight abroad for 15 odd years. Once the containers reach this they are sold by shipping lines to wholesale suppliers. Don’t expect these containers to look like a rat with a gold tooth. They will all have surface rust and dents. That being said, all our used containers are waterproof and vermin-proof.

    McCormick Containers offers both 10ft, 20ft and 40ft used shipping containers for sale. All of our used containers are inspected prior to dispatch. This ensures that any potential problems are identified and fixed before delivery.

    New Build Shipping Containers For Sale

    New build shipping containers for sale  are the best condition containers we offer. These containers have done only one trip to carry freight from China to Australia. Hence, their traditional name being single-trip shipping containers. You can expect these containers to have some scuff marks and minor dents. After all, they aren’t bubble-wrapped during transit!

    McCormick Containers offers both 20ft and 40ft new shipping containers for sale. Our new builds are built a bit different to other suppliers’ containers. We get them fitted with extra vents and a lock box. This provides maximal ventilation and added security.

    Refurbished Shipping Containers for sale

    We offer a range of 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft refurbished shipping containers for sale. Refurbished shipping containers are not new by any means. They are usually an ex-shipping line container that has been spruced up for added durability and looks.

    McCormick Containers’ workshop team removes interior and exterior surface rust. After this, necessary roof or door repairs are made. The container is then painted inside and out with container paint. Once the container is dry, we grease all the door hinges and door bars.

    We also offer dust-coated 20ft shipping containers. These are a cost-effective alternative to a standard refurbished container. Essentially, we apply a coat to the interior and exterior of a used container. This isn’t a full refurbishment, however, these containers are still in reasonable order.

    Refurbished shipping containers for sale

    Used Shipping Containers

    40 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

    10 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale


    Refurbished shipping containers for sale Australia

    Used Shipping Containers Australia

    40 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale Australia

    10 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale Australia

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